ONLINE CLASSES for the next 2 weeks effective Monday 19th - Friday 31st July 

  • $15 per week
  • Members can book via website (need help with this please)
  • Members can pay via their account on zenbly
  • FP or non members can pay via EFT; I will call them for their details once they have booked 
  • I will need in the booking spreadsheet with the following; Name, Phone, Email 
  • A zoom link will be emailed to each attendee the night before 


All classes require no equipment, bodyweight only for all levels of fitness 

  • Monday 7.00am 30min  Full Body Burn
  • Tuesday 7.00am 30min  Strength  + 8.00am Master class 30min 
  • Wednesday 7.00am 30min t HIIT 
  • Thursday 7.00am 30min ABT + 8.00am 30min Master Class
  • Friday 7.00am 30min Strength
  • Saturday 8.00am Yoga

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