ONLINE CLASSES effective from the 26th July

  • $15 per week
  • Equipment can be hired for an additional fee
  • Members can book via website (need help with this please)
  • Members can pay via their account on zenbly
  • FP or non members can pay via EFT; I will call them for their details once they have booked 
  • I will need in the booking spreadsheet with the following; Name, Phone, Email 
  • A zoom link will be emailed to each attendee the night before 


Monday         7.30am HIIT 30min
Tuesday         7.30am Pump 45min
                         7.00pm Yoga 60min
Wednesday  7.30am HIIT 30min
Thursday       7.30am ABT 30min
                         8.00am Masters 45min
Friday             7.30AM Strength 45min
Saturday       7.30AM BOOTCAMP 30min
                        8.00am Yoga 60min

Sign me up for the online classes

Do you want to hire equipment for classes? $8 per week + delivery fee