No pain no gain? How hard should I be pushing myself?

 We've all heard the phrase 'no pain no gain'. Feeling occasional muscle soreness and discomfort after completing your fitness routine can be a good indication that you are on the right track. However, it is very common for people to feel very sore or fatigued the day after a hard session at the gym. 

 So how do you know what the appropriate level of fatigue and pain is, after a workout?

 Your fitness routine should be enjoyable despite feeling like you would like to give up on the last rep or finish the last burpee. You should leave the gym feeling great about yourself and eager to get back to the gym again.

 If you are feeling the opposite then here a few warning signs that point to over training:

  1. You dread your workout:
  2. Decline in performance
  3. Persistent injuries or muscle pain commonly known as DOMS 
  4. Sickness and severe fatigue 

 So what should you do? Below are a few helpful tips to get you back on track 

  1. Introduce recovery days
  2. Reduce the number of sets/reps or intensity of training
  3. Identify nutritional deficiencies in your diet
  4. Hire a personal trainer

Introducing the tips outlined above, along with the assistance of a personal trainer is likely to aid in recovery and allow you to start making progress in your fitness routine ! 

 See you on the Gym Floor!