Do you allow free trials?

Yes we do. You can enrol for a free trial of any of our classes. Your spot will be held for that week only. If you do not confirm the enrolment with us by the end of Week 1 of term, your spot may go to someone else. 

Do you accept Active and Creative Kids Vouchers?

Yes, we accept Active and Creative Kids vouchers for all of our programs. You will need to enrol your child and pay online. When you present your active/creative kids voucher to our kids and teens service desk during the first week of term you will be provided with an instant cash back of $100. 

My Child was in one class last term but I think they are ready to move up. 

At the end of each term our trainers assess which students have reached the physical markers required for them to proceed to the next level. If we do not contact you to let you know they can move up, then we believe they need to remain in that class. This is to ensure the safety of your child, and the rest of the class.

As a guide to how long you can expect your child to be in each level, please see below:

  • Level 1 - 12-24months
  • Level 2 - 12-18months
  • Level 3+ - 18-24months

I have missed the first lesson of the term, can my child still attend?

We accept enrolments up until the end of the second week of term. After this, the students are missing the necessary basics in order to remain safe during the remainder of the term, so we request that you wait until the next term to enrol. 

My child's friend is in a different class to my child , can they change to that class?

Our classes are designed to engage all students and create a warm and welcoming environment for all. We are happy friends to be in the same class, but only if their skill levels are comparable. We cannot compromise safety for convenience.