How are staff ensuring the safety of members?

Reception staff's role includes:

  • Watching the gym floor, ensuring everyone is adhering to the social distancing guidelines; Making sure everyone has a towel, and is using it;
  • Implementing a hire towel service;
  • Ensuring everyone is wiping down the equipment before and after use, using our disinfectant wipes, designed specifically for gym use.
  • Wiping all equipment & frequently touched surfaces down multiple times per day using our disinfectant spray (barbells, handles, clips, machines, and surfaces).
  • Ensuring entrant's register as they come in.

What’s required of members?

Members are to follow the guidelines below:

  • Sanitise hands upon entry and before leaving;
  • Pre booking into all gym sessions and classes for the first week 13th-19th so we can monitor high and low use times;
  • Always bring a towel;
  • Avoid touching your face;
  • Follow the 1.5m distance requirements;
  • Wipe down the equipment with disinfectant spray and paper towel before and after use;
  • Courteously skip training on days you’re expert
  • symptoms.

How is the gym floor and classes following the 1.5m Guidelines?

  • All mats and benches are positioned at least 1.5m apart from one another;
  • The gym floor can take up to 20 members at once working out to fit safely within the guidelines of 4sq meters per person.
  • During renovations, the squash courts are being used for classes. They can take up to 15 members however we are capping this to 10. Once the fitness room is completed, classes will go up to 20 participants.
  • Classes have been restructured to stay in the one spot the whole lesson, no moving around in a circuit style and no sharing of equipment.