How to make workouts part of your lifestyle

We hear the same message everywhere. Regular exercise helps people in living a healthier happier life. However, what isn't talked about is how to make workouts part of your lifestyle? 

When it comes to incorporating workouts into your daily routine the most important thing to remember is to decide on your choice of physical activity that remains interesting, stimulating and exciting. This means experimenting with different training methods, exercise routines to see what best suits you, your goals, your schedule and ultimately your lifestyle. This may be either, running, swimming, bushwalking, weight training or martial arts. 

For example, some people may prefer working out in the gym in comparison to running on the streets. The key message here is: irrespective of your ‘choice’ of exercise, your individual training method needs to be motivating. It needs to be a workout that you genuinely enjoy taking part in on a daily basis. 

Once you have found the right kind of workout program that is personalized for you, incorporating this exercise regime into your daily routine will be an easy, relaxed process. 

This is when you will notice all the important benefits found in exercise. Predominantly, a dramatic increase in mood, leaving you feeling happier, more energetic and ready to tackle life head-on. 

You will soon come to realise that everything you’ve heard about routinised exercise is true. You do feel genuinely better about life. You will soon realise that your energetic mood carries over into other aspects of your life. Whether this is work, family commitments or sporting activities. You will feel both physically and mentally sharper.      

How to make it stick! 4 quick tips

  • Book in sessions ahead of time, just like you would for a meeting or event
  • It’s all about the long haul. Easing into training sessions assist with longevity and consistency 
  • Find a workout partner. Finding someone to hold you accountable will improve your commitment to your new routine
  • Try different workouts or exercise routines that will add variety and ensure that exercise does not become monotonous 

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